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America's Got Talent Results (HD, New, TV-PG) The results of America's votes are in, and for five talented acts, it will be a night of elation as they move on to the semi-final round.
Taxi Brooklyn Love Hurts (HD, New, TV-14) When the wife of the Park Slope Stalker is found dead, Cat is forced to deal with the emotional toll of the case that made her famous and nearly took her life.
Night Report (New) The day's major news events and late-breaking stories are presented by the KFYR News Team, along with the latest weather updates and tomorrow's forecast.
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (HD, New, TV-14) "Project Runway" host, Heidi Klum; comedian Mike Birbiglia; musical guest Temples performs.
« So You Think You Can Dance Top 14 Perform + Eliminations (HD, TV-14) The top 14 finalists perform once again, then learn which dancers will be going home; a winning dance crew stages the stage to perform in front of the nation.
Two and a Half Men Untainted by Filth (HD, TV-14) After Charlie and Chelsea set their wedding date, he and Alan go out, only to awaken perplexed as the two of them are in the same bed with a strange woman.
The Big Bang Theory The Loobenfeld Decay (HD, TV-14) After listening to Penny's singing, Leonard makes up a lie to avoid hearing her again at an upcoming performance, and Sheldon heightens the deception.
Everybody Loves Raymond Tissues (TV-PG) Raymond attempts to become more involved in the decision making processes in his family, and he ends up shopping and planning the family vacation.
Everybody Loves Raymond Snow Day (TV-PG) Snowed in at Frank and Marie's, Ray, Debra, and Amy have a good time, until Debra ruins the mood with a comment to Frank.
Hogan's Heroes A Russian Is Coming (TV-G) Hogan hides a downed Soviet pilot, planed to smuggle him to England but the Russian persists on returning to his homeland.
Welcome Back Kotter The Drop-Ins, Part 2 (TV-PG) Former Sweathog Gabe Kotter returns to James Buchanan High as an instructor, where the exploits of four trouble-makers prove a continual challenge.
F Troop Spy, Counterspy, Counter Counterspy The officers at Fort Courage are chosen by army brass to test a new set of bulletproof vests, but two competing spies wind up slowing down the process.
F Troop The Courtship of Wrangler Jane (TV-G) Sgt. O'Rourke tries to get Capt. Wilton and Jane together after he figures his operations will be more profitable with the captain married and living off-post.
The Twilight Zone One for the Angels (TV-PG) A sidewalk salesman convinces Death to let him live until he can give his biggest sales pitch, so Death decides to take the life of a little girl in his place.
Perry Mason The Case of the Gilded Lily (TV-PG) A man goes to meet his co-worker in a hotel and is knocked unconscious, but to his demise, he is awakened and finds his co-worker dead.
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